Shellwin Mangulabnan

IT Support

BSC in Information Technology

Shellwin possesses a wealth of experience spanning seven years in the field of IT. His career began as an IT Technician in Saudi Arabia, where he played a crucial role in the transformation of a desert into a functional office space — handling IT setup, network planning, equipment installation, website management, and collaborating with teams. Even after the office was operational, Shellwin continued to assist employees and clients with their computer needs.

Now back in the Philippines in his role as an IT Support for Performance, Shellwin handles IT onboarding, manages computer systems, and provides technical assistance. Outside of work, Shellwin enjoys trying out different restaurants and spends his weekends at coffee shops.

Shellwin strongly believes in our culture of “BE SUPPORTIVE.” He enjoys giving encouragement and support to others because it makes him feel like he’s giving them hope, especially since he’s faced challenges with self-confidence himself.

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