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Performance Asset Management

Commercial and Residential Asset Management

Performance Asset Management approach

Our dedicated Asset Management team consists of highly motivated Property Managers strategically located throughout Australia. Committed to delivering outstanding service to commercial and residential investors, we are proud of our award-winning property management team. 

Residential Asset Management

The Residential Asset Management team provides services for assets including:

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-unit dwellings
  • Townhouses
  • High-density dwellings
  • Villas

Asset Management services

We are dedicated to offering Commercial and Residential property management solutions tailored to support your unique property investment strategy.

  • Portfolio diversification
  • Property management
  • Compliance
  • Property presentation
  • Negotiations
  • Property advertising

Why Performance Property

Our network

Our culture is based on positivity and support. We establish lasting bonds with our Rental Providers and Renters, leading to increased trust, loyalty, and reputation in the industry.

Superior service

We believe in delivering a superior level of service and care to everyone, including our Rental Providers, Renters, and suppliers. While maintaining a high level of professionalism, we remain approachable, creating an environment of trust and mutual respect.


Recent updates of rental laws across Australia aim to better serve the rental housing market, enhance protections for renters, and enable Rental Providers to efficiently manage their properties. With a comprehensive understanding of all legislative laws nationwide, we can assist Rental Providers in meeting essential compliance requirements.

Looking to switch to Performance?

Moving your investment property to Performance Asset Management is a simple process and free of charge. Contact our team and we will handle all the details. We realise that it is essential to minimise disruption to your Renters, so you can transfer your property to us at any time, irrespective of the lease status.

Our Property Managers

We place a high value on our Property Managers and recognise that in order to maintain our commitment to providing exceptional service, they require adequate support and practical resources.

That is why each of our Property Managers is responsible for a portfolio size that is well below the industry standard and has access to the most advanced technology and industry platforms. A Property Manager who receives sufficient support will always follow through on their commitments.

Take it one step further with an Asset Management Plan


Rental Providers have different long-term objectives for their investment properties. Some may want to renovate or relocate in the short term, while others may aim for long-term capital growth. For those who want to protect their property and achieve their long-term goals, we suggest using an Asset Management Plan.

Our Asset Management Plan includes an annual review of your property portfolio conducted by our PIPA qualified Property Investment Advisor. Before the review, the Advisor gathers information about your property and lease status from your Property Manager.

Looking for more information?

Contact our team and find out more about our Asset Management Services

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