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Commercial Asset Management

Commercial property management service tailored to support your property investment strategy

Our Commercial Asset Management Approach

At Performance Property, we excel in managing commercial properties with precision and expertise. Our dedicated Commercial Asset Management team comprises highly motivated Property Managers strategically located across Australia. Whether you’re an investor, family office, syndicate, or property fund, we offer tailored services to enhance your commercial property portfolio.

Our Commercial Asset Management Services

We are dedicated to offering Commercial property management solutions tailored to support your unique property investment strategy.

  • Diverse asset management: Our Commercial Asset Management team handles a wide range of assets, from shopping centres to industrial complexes to healthcare facilities and offices. We can support commercial assets both large and small while ensuring lease and building compliance. 
  • Strategic value-add initiatives: Our primary goal is to enhance your property’s capital value. We achieve this through strategic initiatives such as:
    • Lease and tenancy negotiations: Our skilled team secures the best possible returns for every lease.
    • Property optimisation: We are constantly seeking opportunities to improve your property’s performance.
    • Maintenance and repairs: Seamlessly handled to keep your asset in excellent condition.
    • Administrative and accounting processes: Accurate and transparent reporting.
  • Compliance: Navigating commercial property legislation and compliance is crucial. Our team stays up to date with legislative amendments, compliance requirements, and market conditions – so you don’t have to. We serve as your trusted advisors, ensuring your legal obligations are met.
  • Holistic approach: Our cohesive approach integrates our strategic analysts with our Acquisitions team. By collaborating seamlessly, we position your property for long-term success. Strong communication and synergy across our team ensure a comprehensive understanding of your property and its potential opportunities.

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Moving your commercial investment property to Performance Property is simple and free of charge. We handle all the details, minimising disruption to your tenants. You can switch at any time, regardless of the lease status. Contact our team and we’ll handle all the details.

If you’re ready to optimise your commercial property, contact our team today!

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Our Property Managers

We place a high value on our Property Managers and recognise that in order to maintain our commitment to providing exceptional service, they require adequate support and practical resources.

That is why each of our Property Managers is responsible for a portfolio size that is well below the industry standard and has access to the most advanced technology and industry platforms. A Property Manager who receives sufficient support will always follow through on their commitments.

Take It One Step Further With A Commercial Asset Management Plan

Property Owners have different long-term objectives for their investment properties. We work with property owners to maximise their long term goals and align their property strategy.  For those who want to protect their property, we suggest using an Asset Management Plan.

Our Asset Management Plan includes an annual review of your property portfolio conducted by our PIPA qualified Property Investment Advisor. Before the review, the Advisor gathers information about your property and lease status from your Property Manager.

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