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Property Sales

Performance Property Vendor Advocates help you make the right move.

Our approach

Our Performance Vendor Advocates will collaborate with you to determine if selling aligns with your circumstances, leveraging our research to guide you in making well-informed property decisions. 

Drawing from our extensive experience in selling thousands of properties, we will advise on making the important decisions that can significantly influence the final price.

This includes choosing the optimal sale method, determining the most effective marketing mix for your asset (with a focus on showcasing your property, not just the agent), establishing an appropriate marketing budget, deciding on staging requirements, identifying pre-selling property enhancements, setting the advertised price range, determining the reserve, and advising on favourable terms to accept from potential purchasers.

Why use Performance Vendor Advocates?


  • A network of over 10,000 agents nationwide.
  • Interview and appointment the best agent for selling your property.
  • Unbiased recommendations on the property value, method of sale, marketing plans and commissions.
  • Expert advice on presenting your home for maximum sale price.
  • Oversight of the marketing and sale campaign.
  • Participation in pre-auction meetings, aiding with strategy and reserve price setting.
  • Negotiation of the final price without influence from or relationship with the purchaser.

Who we work with

  • Individuals selling property
  • Financial planners
  • Accountants
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insolvency Companies
  • Probate Solicitors
  • Family Lawyers
  • Conveyancers

Maximise your Property Sale

With no hidden fees

Experience our comprehensive Performance Vendor Advocates service, offering independence and expert guidance to help you navigate one of your most significant financial decisions. We provide the support you need to ensure your property achieves the maximum sale price with the most favourable terms. 


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