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Specialising in diverse property portfolios valued between $5m and $150m, we provide expert advice and property management services to private investors, corporate entities, and family offices.

We help you make wise property decisions

Our mission is to be Australia’s most trusted Property Investment and Portfolio Management Company for private investors and entities with property portfolios worth between $5m and $150m.

Our approach enables you make wise property decisions. This involves continuous innovation that expands the knowledge and expertise required to build and manage high performing property portfolios in Australia. 

Whether you are an individual securing your financial future or a corporate entity expanding your real estate portfolio, Performance Property will support your success in the dynamic world of real estate.

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Our Divisions

We provide comprehensive management services for your property portfolio. This encompasses an initial assessment of your portfolio and investment strategy, spanning property research, acquisition, development, portfolio management, and corporate real estate services. Additionally, we offer timely buy-sell-hold recommendations in response to changes in suburb ratings.

Corporate Real Estate Services

Corporate clients choose Performance Property for our extensive geographic reach, expertise, accountability, performance-driven culture, and proven track record. 

Property Research

Monthly updates for informed investing. We pinpoint prime property investments across capital cities and regional locations across Australia.

Investment Strategy

Performance Property Investment Strategy is where your journey to strategic property investment begins.

Property Acquisitions

Full-service residential and commercial property services including sourcing, negotiating and acquiring diverse assets. 

Asset Management

Property management tailored to your needs ensures proactive and strategic solutions for managing your assets. 

Portfolio Management

Ensure your property is consistently performing and your plans for financial independence remain on track.

Property Funds

Grow and diversify your portfolio through residential and commercial property funds.


Property Sales

Performance Property Vendor Advocates help you make the right move.

Our results speak for themselves.

Our results speak for themselves.

Trusted by Australia's Corporate Leaders

We have earned the trust of some of Australia’s largest and most respected organisations, providing property advice and consulting services to their staff and clients. Our Corporate Real Estate Services extend beyond the ordinary, encompassing property seminars, strategy sessions, annual portfolio reviews, and more.

Getting started is simple

Start a conversation about how Performance Property can take your property investment journey to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just beginning, our commitment is to empower you with the insights and strategies needed to make informed, successful property investments across Australia.

Start with a face-to-face consultation and we will review your current investment portfolio and provide recommendations.

Discuss how property investment can help you achieve your goals.


Create a property strategy and roadmap including the type and features of individual investments.


Give you advice on the location and type of your next property acquisition.

Over $3b of property acquired, managed and sold in Australia with 5-star customer reviews.

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