Megan Elliot

Partnerships and Funds Administrator

With a robust 11-year background in the banking industry, Megan Elliot has journeyed through various roles, gaining expertise and insight. Her career began in managing a Settlements team, and she later transitioned to the role of a Credit Assessor, eventually becoming a leader in managing a Credit team.

In her current role as Partnership/Funds Administrator, Megan is instrumental in managing and coordinating presentations, webinars, seminars, lunches, and meetings with referral partners. She plays a crucial role in supporting the Funds Manager with tasks related to compliance, marketing, and communication.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Megan treasures her weekends spent with her husband and two boys. Whether it’s going for a bike ride or enjoying outdoor activities in their backyard, these moments bring balance to her life.

Megan’s alignment with Performance’s culture is encapsulated in the phrase “ALWAYS DO WHAT WE SAY WE DO.” This resonates with her deeply as it underscores the importance of trust and reliability. Having worked in customer service-based roles throughout her career, Megan understands the significance of following through on promises, ensuring that clients and colleagues can consistently rely on her commitment.

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