Mark Pingul

Due Diligence Support

BSC Electronics & Communications Engineering

Mark Pingul is a seasoned professional with over three decades of diverse career experience, including seven years in real estate, customer service, and leadership roles. He also possesses significant experience in technical support, CRM management, training, and quality analysis. This diverse background has equipped him with a versatile skill set and a holistic perspective that he brings to every professional endeavor.

In his current role as a Due Diligence Support, Mark plays a critical role in conducting Preliminary Due Diligence reports on residential properties as requested by Buyers Agents. He is also responsible for drafting Investment Reports and preparing Pricing Analysis, including Sale History and Comparable Analysis on Sale, Rental, and Land. Mark has received numerous accolades from previous employers, including recognition as Top Agent for Customer Service, CRM Lead Admin of the Year, People’s Choice Award recipient, and MVP of the Year. These awards highlight his excellence in prior roles.

Beyond the confines of the office, Mark finds his passion in music and spends his free time indulging in online gaming. However, his most cherished moments are those spent with his family, reinforcing the importance of quality time and connection.

Mark resonates strongly with our Performance Culture’s value of “HAVE FUN.” He firmly believes that infusing fun into the workplace not only fosters a love for what one does but also generates positive energy that radiates to those around us, creating an atmosphere of shared enthusiasm and love for their work.

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