Lorinda Wulff

Senior Property Manager (WA)

Lorinda’s journey in property management began 9 years ago when she started as an Assistant Property Manager. Within just a year, her dedication and skills earned her her very own portfolio, and from that moment on, there was no looking back. After 7 successful years, Lorinda took on the role of Office Manager. However, her true passion lies in Property Management, which led her to join the Performance team.

As a Senior Property Manager, Lorinda shoulders the responsibility of managing owners’ assets on a day-to-day basis. This entails diligently monitoring rent payments, issuing necessary notices, and effectively marketing properties to secure suitable tenants. Yet, what Lorinda treasures most about her role is the opportunity to build strong and lasting relationships with property owners and tenants alike.

Lorinda’s excellence in property management has not gone unnoticed. In her previous company, she was honored as Property Manager of the Year in both 2017 and 2020. She also received the prestigious Executive Management Award in 2021.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lorinda is a proud mother of four. She began her career in retail and steadily climbed the ladder to become a store manager. In her leisure time, she enjoys camping in her trusty camper trailer. With a bustling household full of grandchildren, Lorinda delights in spending quality time with them, whether it’s cooking up a storm in “nannies kitchen” or engaging in arts and crafts to create cherished memories together.

The Performance Culture Statement that deeply resonates with Lorinda is “TREAT CLIENTS THE WAY YOU WISH TO BE TREATED.” She wholeheartedly appreciates that the company prioritises a culture of respect and client-centric values, making it a place where both staff and clients can thrive.

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