Damien Holliday

Strategic Property Advice Director

Damien has been advising clients in the property industry across all property sectors for nearly 30 years. His experience includes acting as a; structural engineer, project manager, buyers agent, vendor advocate, leasing advocate, tenant representative, development manager, and strategic property advisor.

In his time he has learnt that every property decision no matter how small can increase or decrease a client’s property wealth and have long term compounding effects. He believes that it is in his client’s best interest to know what they don’t know and take a strategic approach to every property decision.

Damien is passionate about assisting his clients in making informed property decisions to create, grow and protect their property wealth. He does this by utilising his extensive expertise to create, implement, manage and constantly review property wealth strategies, that align with his clients long term property wealth goals. He then guides them through all the actions that may be required in achieving these goals which may involve; purchasing, selling, leasing, managing, and development.

He prides himself on his personal approach with his clients rather than a transactional approach and strives to build long term generational relationships with his clients.

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