Connie La Terra

General Manager

B. Comm (Finance & Accounting), BBus (Italian)

Connie La Terra brings 8 years of experience in Accounting and Bookkeeping firms. With a solid background in Accounting and Italian studies, she has seamlessly blended her diverse skills to excel in various professional endeavours. Connie has been a dedicated member of the Performance team for 6 years.

In her current role as General Manager, Connie holds a pivotal position within the organization. She takes charge of overseeing financial accounts and provides invaluable support to the CEO, contributing significantly to the company’s success and growth.

Outside the office, Connie cherishes her weekends as a time to connect with family and friends, sharing precious moments that are close to her heart. She discovered the joys of camping for the first time last year, and it has quickly become a beloved pastime. Escaping for a weekend retreat to unwind and disconnect is an experience she thoroughly enjoys. Connie’s passion for languages goes beyond her academic pursuits. Fluent in Italian, she is currently embarking on a journey to learn Spanish, inspired by her partner’s influence.

Among Performance’s culture statements, the one that resonates most deeply with Connie is “TREAT CLIENTS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.” This principle aligns perfectly with her core values, reflecting her genuine commitment to treating others with the same respect and kindness she values in her own life. While several other culture statements also resonate with her, this foundational principle guides her interactions and decisions, both professionally and personally.

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