Cherryl Falk

Property Manager (WA)

Associate Dip - Business

Cherryl Falk is a seasoned Property Manager with a wealth of experience and a strong foundation in business. Holding an Associate Diploma in Business, she has dedicated 17 years of her professional life to the Commonwealth Bank, where she honed her skills in customer service, served as a Lending Manager, and even worked as a Teller. In 2017, Cherryl transitioned into the dynamic realm of property management, a role she has excelled in ever since.

Her role as a Property Manager involves multifaceted responsibilities. She is dedicated to efficiently managing properties for owners, overseeing crucial aspects such as leasing, maintenance, and maintaining effective communication with both owners and tenants. Additionally, she ensures that property owners receive optimal rental income based on market trends. Cherryl is committed to staying abreast of industry regulations through continuous training, guaranteeing that her knowledge is current and compliant.

She is dedicated to professionalism and ethical standards in real estate through her affiliation with REIWA. Her excellence in property management earned her the 2022 Property Manager of the Year award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the field.

Beyond her professional achievements, Cherryl values her time spent with family. This commitment to personal connections extends into her professional life, where she believes in cultivating strong relationships with clients.

Cherryl resonates strongly with the performance culture statement: “ALWAYS DO WHAT WE SAY WE DO.” For her, this encapsulates the essence of building trust with clients. By consistently following through on commitments and demonstrating genuine care for the duties of her job, Cherryl believes in showing clients that their needs and expectations are not only understood but are also prioritized. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of her approach to property management, emphasizing reliability, accountability, and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction.

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