Hobart Research Report

Hobart Research Report

Property Research, Advisory, and Buying. Extensive research, analysis, and intelligence on the Hobart market.

About the Hobart Property Market

The Hobart property market fluctuates in demand over homeowners and investors alike. The market however, is relatively affordable during growth phases of its cycle. Due to its geographic layout, the Hobart market is restricted to limited supply, resulting in growth during periods of high demand.

Hobart’s commercial property market has historically been one avoided by investors, due to its lack of growth. However, population growth and increase in tourism has created recent activity. Hobart’s commercial dwellings are catered to the tourism sector, with hospitality and hotel based assets performing well.

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Our Hobart Property Research starts at a macro level, analysing 35 key market indicators to provide comprehensive data on: Short Term Market Indicators, Supply and Demand, Affordability, Confidence, Money Supply, Investment Value and Risk

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