National Research

Performance Property Advisory is one of Australia's leading independent research providers. With a team of researchers in-house, PPA conducts extensive quarterly research reports on the 5 major capital city markets, 25 major regional markets around Australia, and a biannual national research report analysing economic, demographic, and residential property data.

National Research

Where do I buy? When do I renovate? When do I develop? When do I sell?

These are all essential questions which all property investors face, these can't be answered properly in the absence of quality information. Research drives our advice model at Performance Property Advisory and thus is the key to our clients' success.

We analyse the top 25 population centres in Australia ranging from Sydney at the top with approximately 4.3M people all the way down to Bunbury on the west coast of Australia which has 65,000 people. There are as many as 30 data points collected in a raw form, which is then analysed by our experienced research team to understand where these markets are in their respective cycles.

Our view on the market changes quarterly and we issue new research reports and guidance with the same frequency. Understanding where these markets are in their respective cycles empowers investors to make the the best investing decision with the least amount of risk.

Research Enquiry

PPA sells research to institutions, companies and private individuals. Let us know your research requirements so we can provide a quote.

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