Michael Scudds

Director - Performance Vendor Advocates, CEA (REIV)
For over 30 years, Michael has been chalking up a formidable career in the National Real Estate industry. More importantly, 19 of those years has been spent establishing himself as one of the best Vendor Advocates in the game.

And he has done it all. He's tackled both Commercial and Residential Real Estate, worked with large Property Developers & Owners Corporations through to young first homeowners, and secured a successful career in sales and property management. So, if anybody knows what they are talking about when it comes to selling real estate, it's Michael.

With his extensive experience, Michael has established one of the best databases of the best agents around Australia and is happy to share it with his clients. It takes all the guess work out of it.

For Michael, you're not just another figure on a spreadsheet, you're someone who is entering a new stage in their property journey. And that's worth looking after.