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Residential Acquisitions

We acquire property for time-poor professionals, business owners, doctors & pharmacists, farmers, and SMSFs. We are not, however, your traditional buyers agent or buyers advocate service.

As trusted buyers agents, the preservation of capital is our highest priority, and we treat the job of investing for our clients with the seriousness and sincerity it deserves. We provide our clients with the potential for the highest reward, at the lowest risk - this is known as asymmetrical risk / reward.

This is achieved by focusing on;

  • macro market selection,
  • suburb selection,
  • property selection,
  • site due diligence,
  • entry price.

Our ongoing research program covers the top 30 population centres of Australia and the quality of this research plus our expertise in multiple markets and multiple asset types is unrivalled in the industry.

We carefully assess and negotiate on your behalf for quality established investment properties in these locations across Australia, heavily supported by strong fundamentals, acquiring quality investment property in suburbs that have the best chance of success.

We believe in providing quality ethical advice and exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on delivering successful outcomes every time, guaranteed.

We never source properties direct from developers and we don’t buy properties off the plan or in new housing developments. We have a strict no commission policy preventing us from ever taking commissions from agents or referrers.

Our mission is to understand and satisfy your needs – financial or emotional, in a low risk and efficient manner. Our objective is to build you wealth through sophisticated property investment.

We believe in everything we do because we treat your investment portfolio like it was our own.

How it works
Macro Research
Suburb Selection
Property Selection
Due Diligence
Pre-purchase Valuation
Maintenance & Tenancy
Ongoing Advice
Annual Review

Once we have narrowed down a recommended location for property investment we then actively work on your behalf to select a suitable property that meets your budget and aspirations.

Performance Property Advisory has a number of team members who are qualified and experienced buyer’s agents, valuers and licensed real estate agents. They know the property market intimately, how to uncover those off market listing properties, and regularly acquire established property at, or below, market value.

As part of the purchasing process we conduct a thorough assessment on the individual property – overall condition including pest and building inspections, analysis of the neighbourhood, scarcity or oversupply of similar properties in the area, rental returns, vacancy rates, local transport, employment opportunities, education and community facilities, & council developments.

The final stage in the acquisition is the negotiation with agents on price and terms, and we have solid and proven experience in being able to finalise the transaction with the best outcome for our clients.

We work with your own legal and financial team to complete the purchase or refer you to one of our independent, trusted brokers, solicitors and conveyancers. We don’t take commission from any of our network of partners and affiliates. We would prefer to recommend someone who we know will do the work ethically and efficiently.

We manage the complete process from contract negotiation through to settlement and into the letting period. Often this also includes arranging a cosmetic refurbishment to bring the aesthetics of the property into line with what the local rental market is expecting, ensuring your vacancy is reduced and your yield is increased.

We work closely with your property manager to be in regular contact with regards to advice around improving cashflow, enhancing your property to grow your equity and sit down with you each year to review the performance of your portfolio, and recommend strategies specific to your investment goals.