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Building and then managing a large property portfolio provides a unique set of challenges and risks. There are many key variables that are changing frequently these include; rents, values, market conditions, market forecasts, interest rates & your personal financial situation. The more properties the more complex and if not managed properly risks can increase dramatically in a short period of time. We have set up Performance Private to help those clients simplify this process and manage the risk of a large portfolio. In order to qualify for this service your Portfolio needs to be in excess of $5M in total Portfolio value.

Specialised Portfolio Review

This process involves a minimum of 2 formal meetings per year, there are 3 clear objectives to this meeting;

What does the review entail for me?

Investing in property is not just about buying well. It is about having an effective overall strategy and a regular portfolio review, ensuring your property is consistently performing and your plans for financial independence remain on track. When building or reviewing property portfolios for our clients we are focused on two objectives: minimising risk & maximising overall return.

To Minimise Risk we have 5 key strategies:

  • Buy high quality assets below or in line with the median value for the area;
  • Buy assets with scarcity;
  • Buy assets in line with a formal due diligence process;
  • Diversify asset types and price points; and
  • Diversify geographic locations.

To increase Overall Return our 4 key strategies:

  • Only invest in markets that are showing value;
  • Only invest in markets that are in or moving into an undersupply;
  • Invest in different states to minimise land tax liabilities; and
  • Sell assets in markets that are likely to fall or stagnate for an extended period.

Based on the above key criteria, we provide recommendations on an investment strategy in order to minimise risk and maximise returns going forward.

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