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Property Funds

Specialists in unlisted property funds, offering investors access to larger scale opportunities and delivering returns via strategic property acquisitions and management.

Another Gateway to Property Investing

Performance Property’s Property Funds division offers investors the opportunity to access real estate investments of a scale not ordinarily attainable by individual investors. The Funds are tailored to both commercial and residential property sectors with the aim, over their investment terms, to provide consistent income streams and/or end of term capital appreciation.


Each Fund is carefully structured with our clients’ needs at the forefront of every opportunity, creating investment vehicles that aim to provide diversification to a client’s property portfolio, but that also work as an attractive long-term strategy when used as a stand-alone investment option. 


Current Opportunity

Performance Property Hospitality Fund No. 1

In depth due diligence for successful outcomes

We lean on the expertise of our dedicated Research and Acquisitions team to identify opportunities and ensure we buy the right properties on the best terms. 

Property Funds are only as strong as their tenants

A key focus is on building strong tenant relationships to ensure the requirements of our Funds and those of the tenant are aligned and can both be achieved. 

Risk management in all market conditions

Our risk management operations ensure that whatever the market conditions, we can identify, assess, and mitigate risks in both favourable and challenging environments. 

Closed To Investment

Performance Property Opportunities Fund

Mornington Green

Sommerville VIC

Investment Date: December 2023

Investment Term: 7 years (Ending approx 2030/31)

Investment Type: Loan secured against real property and cash

Opening LVR: Below 60%

Projected Returns: 13%+ IRR (Fund target was 11% IRR)

Who Can Invest?

Our Property Funds are open to Wholesale and Sophisticated Investors

To be classified as a Wholesale Client, you must meet one of following three criteria

You can see a typical example of a qualified accountant’s certificate here: Qualified Accounting Certificate example

To be classified as a Sophisticated Investor you must be a person determined by an Australian Financial Services Licensee to be experienced in investing in financial products of that kind. 

For more information regarding Wholesale Clients and Sophisticated Investors you can review the Financial Corporations Act 2001 – section 761G

Performance Property Funds are dedicated to helping investors grow and diversify their portfolio through commercial and large scale residential property funds. Via our Funds, investors gain exposure to higher quality assets and tenants at a price point typically unattainable to the individual investor.   

We adopt a strategic approach to funds management, including focusing on building strong tenant relationships to create opportunities where the requirements of our funds and those of the tenant are aligned and can both be achieved.

We lean on the expertise of Performance Property’s dedicated Research and Acquisitions Teams to identify opportunities and ensure we buy the right properties on the best terms. Post acquisition, our Asset Management Team takes a hands-on approach to property management to maximise yields and identify value add opportunities.  

Getting started with Performance Property.

You can complete a form on our website or reach out to any member of our team and we’ll handle the rest.

We understand that minimising disruption to your Renters is essential and you can transfer your property to us at any time, irrespective of the lease status. Furthermore, transferring your property to Performance Asset Management is free of charge.

Introductory call to see if we are the right fit for your needs and get to know you.

Discuss how property investment can help you achieve your goals.We’ll conduct the formalities and take the time to research and understand your goals.

Create a plan/strategy specific to your needs and get started on…

Continue to build and grow together to meet your goals.

Why Performance Property.

Our network

We work hard to foster a positive and supportive culture. This leads to happier Property Managers, improved communication and better outcomes for Rental Providers. It is the foundation for building long-lasting relationships with our Rental Providers and Renters, leading to increased trust, loyalty and a positive reputation within the industry.

Superior service

We believe in delivering a superior level of service and care to everyone, including our Rental Providers, Renters and suppliers. While maintaining a high level of professionalism, we remain approachable, creating an environment of trust and mutual respect. We recognise that Renter satisfaction is essential in maintaining the longevity of your investment, and we strive to build positive relationships with contractors to ensure swift resolution to any maintenance issues that may arise.


Rental laws across Australia have recently been updated, or are undergoing review, to cater more effectively to the rental housing market, enhance safeguards for renters and enable Rental Providers to maintain efficient management of their properties.
We have a complete understanding of all legislative changes and will assist our Rental Providers in fulfilling the essential compliance requirements.

PPA Fund Services Pty Ltd ACN 645 174 901 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (1302429) of Rhodes Asset Management Ltd ACN 165 917 813 AFSL no. 464 772.

Investing now or in the future?

Contact our team and find out more about Property Funds, who can invest and how to invest.

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