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Sales Advisory

At Performance Property Advisory, we assist you with every stage of your portfolio management. If the time has come to sell – whether as part of your overall strategy or for other reasons – we’ll be here for you. Your vendor advocate will guide and facilitate the entire process, ensuring that even the final steps have an optimal outcome. Best of all, this entire service comes at no cost to you.

Our sales advisory team will be acting with you throughout the entire selling process. As vendor advocates we do not sell your property directly, but rather we guide the entire process – handpicking local agents, ensuring competitive fees and upholding an ethical and professional campaign.

We do the work that you don’t have time to, and coupled with our expertise it ensures that your sale is another effective part of your strategy.

Some other ways we add value to your sale include:
  • Providing a market appraisal of your property and comparable sales
  • Recommending the best method of sale for your circumstances
  • Setting the best reserve price
  • Screening buyer’s offers

We don’t only leverage our extensive professional resources for you; we get the best results by continuing to work with you and your agent. Our ongoing consultation will provide invaluable guidance on the state of the market that shapes your decisions.

The Performance Property team has a track record that speaks for itself. We have assisted in more than $2B of property transactions throughout Australia and can identify and move with market changes as they occur.

Our experts come from a range of real estate backgrounds, and will work with you through buying, managing and reviewing your property. This makes our sales advisory service highly personalised to your investment portfolio and your wider financial considerations.