Tim Merrett



With a wealth of experience spanning many years, Tim Merrett is a seasoned professional known for his adept management of client stakeholder relationships. Throughout his career, Tim has owned and managed businesses across various industry sectors, all while nurturing a deep-seated passion for guiding and advising clients towards achieving the best possible outcomes. He has cultivated a robust network of trusted advisors across a wide spectrum of professional services. Drawing from over a decade of personal property investment experience, Tim possesses a nuanced understanding of property investment, especially for individuals planning for retirement.

As an Advisor, Tim’s responsibilities encompass providing guidance on property investment strategies, conducting strategic portfolio reviews, and offering valuable insights in client relationship advisory. Tim is on the cusp of becoming a member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and is actively working towards becoming a Qualified Property Investment Adviser.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tim values spending quality time with his family, indulging in travel adventures, enjoying a round of golf, and passionately following Australian Football League games, where he staunchly supports the Collingwood Football Club.

Tim firmly resonates with the Performance Culture Statement “TREAT CLIENTS THE WAY YOU WISH TO BE TREATED.” For him, this principle is not merely a guideline but a way of life. Tim firmly believes that treating clients with respect and care is the foundation of successful and enduring professional relationships, aligning perfectly with his commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to clients.

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