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Business Partners

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis
    The Australian Lending & Investment Centre
    Performance Property Advisory are one of the most ethical property experts I have come across in my time in investment lending and at all times they do the right thing by their clients. All my clients love Phillip, David and their teams, and their work ethic is second to none. I would recommend that all clients wanting to buy the right property and create wealth should make the time to meet the team at Performance Property Advisory.
  • Amon Carson
    Amon Carson
    Vice President
    In a property acquisition, as in any deal, there is always value at the right price. David excels at securing quality property assets at the right price in the right phase of the market. I trust David with my property investing now, and I know he will help me build a strong and successful property portfolio for the long term.
  • Sean Allit
    Sean Allit
    Private Client Adviser
    Ord Minnett Private Wealth
    As a Private Wealth Manager myself, I can appreciate the difficulty in not only providing a premium level of service but also understanding an individual’s needs and requirements when making investment decisions. Performance Property Advisory - for me embodied these characteristics while also acting entirely in my best interest. The integrity and expertise shown by Performance Property in taking the time to truly understand my desired investment objectives was to the highest degree. I can confidently say that I will be using Performance Property to advise me on my next investment property; which would not have been possible had I not sought their advice initially.
  • Jim Mills
    Jim Mills
    Merit Wealth Financial Planning
    I have had the professional privilege of introducing many of my clients to Phillip Almeida of Performance Property Advisory. It is refreshing to have such an excellent resource devoted to clients best interest in this industry - providing quality analysis and trusted independent advice of the highest calibre. On behalf of my valued clients a heartfelt thank you to the Performance Property team.
  • Kevin Agent
    Kevin Agent
    The Australian Lending & Investment Centre
    We have recommended David and Performance Property for a number of our clients who are looking for a specialist to assist with purchasing property or property management. Their services ranges from property management to buyers advocacy across Australia. David is dedicated, has a good knowledge of the market and we look forward to building a long term beneficial relationship with him over the years to come.
  • Natasha Choi
    Natasha Choi
    Investing Lending Manager
    The Australian Lending & Investment Centre
    Performance Property Advisory is a valuable business partner of ours and I have worked with Phillip very closely for a number of years. In this time, he has purchased circa many properties for my clients for which we have received very positive feedback from the clients. In addition, I have seen Phil “walk away” from a number of properties as soon as he discovers something that doesn’t meet the investment criteria which truly shows that his priority is his clients. He is a fantastic operator, extremely reliable and someone I can trust.
  • Ed Clark
    Edward Clark
    Bear Bottom Inspections
    My dealings with David have been very positive and I’ve enjoyed doing business with him. More importantly though is that he provides a high level of knowledge and is extremely personable. Two qualities that are essential in the industry of Buyers Advocacy.
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Professional Associations

  • Qualified Property Investment Advisor
  • Australian Property Institute
  • Property Investment Professionals of Australia

"I would recommend that all clients wanting
to buy the right property and create wealth
should make the time to meet.."