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Extensive research, analysis, and intelligence on the Geelong market
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Our national investment decisions are driven by data, not bias or guesswork.
Are you looking to purchase a home or investment property in Geelong? Our unique service gives our clients access to in depth research on the Geelong property market mixed with local knowledge.
Geelong Macro Property Market research
We are one of Australia's leading independent research providers. With a team of researchers in-house, our research reports synthesise economic, demographic, and residential property data to guide future investment decisions. Our macro research program covers the 33 most populated markets in Australia, including the 8 capital city markets and 25 major regional markets.

Our Geelong Property Market research starts at a macro level. Through our research we are looking for leading indicators for price movement at region level, including:

  • Short term market indicators (5 leading indicators)
  • Supply and Demand: Does Demand in Geelong Exceed Supply? (5 leading indicators)
  • Affordability: Is Geelong Property Affordable? (4 leading indicators)
  • Confidence: Is There Confidence In The Market? (1 leading indicator)
  • Money Supply: Will There Be More or Less Money In The Geelong Economy? (2 leading indicators)
  • Investment Value: Is This Market Showing Value? (4 leading indicators)
  • Risk: Is There Potentially Downside Volatility? (4 leading indicators)
Geelong Suburb Property Market research
Our Suburb selection model analyses over 15,000 suburbs to rank and grade them on

We then dive deeper into suburb level research. We have developed a proprietary Suburb selection model to analysis and grade every suburb in Geelong based on:

  • Growth; historic growth, growth since the bottom of this cycle
  • Income; median rents, rental yields, rental direction, vacancy rates
  • Risk; number of negative return years, probability of a negative return year, sortino ratio
  • Supply and Demand; number of properties in a suburb, number of properties for sale, average days on market
  • Quality; percentage of separate dwellings, percentage of owner occupied properties, household incomes
This allows us to place each suburb on our property clock and assign a rating. Our investment committee meets monthly to approve suburbs for our local consultants to invest in. We only invest in the best suburbs with AAA or BBB ratings and in the Value or Momentum phase of the growth Cycle.
Local Geelong neighbourhood knowledge
Working under the instruction of the Advisory and Investment Committee, our consultants have local intelligence on the best neighbourhoods and streets to invest in, within the suburbs approved by the investment committee. Our consultants have formed strong relationships with local agents and are often the first to know of upcoming and new listings. This creates exclusive investment opportunities for our clients.
A-Grade Asset Selection in Geelong
Our asset selection mandate is simple, focus on high quality established properties in locations that appeal to affluent owner occupiers. We call these A-grade assets and they are the foundation of our clients portfolios. A-Grade assets come in different styles, sizes, and locations, our Consultants are trained to identify assets that are A-Grade or have the potential to become and A-Grade asset.
Geelong Property Due Diligence
What we don't buy is just as important as what we do.

We have designed what we believe is the most in depth due diligence process to uncover as much as possible about assets prior to inspecting and presenting them to our clients. Our stringent filtering process ensures that only the very best potential investments are recommended to our clients.

Purchase your home or investment with confidence, knowing we do an extensive due diligence check on all properties we source. Our due diligence checklist includes:

  • Structural assessment
  • Meth testing
  • Survey plan
  • Electrical audit
  • Plumbing audit
  • Housing commission check
  • Easement review
  • Pest inspection
  • Flooding check
  • Adjoining uses check
  • And other checks that are not publicly available
Geelong Price Analysis and Market Appraisals
We complete detailed price analysis to arrive at a top price that will be competitive against other bidders and supported by banks and their valuations. Our role is not to buy cheap properties, we want to acquire quality A-grade assets for the right price. We look for four points of pricing reference, including analysing comparable sales, comparable rentals, comparable land sales, recent street sales, capitalising annual income using market yield, and indexing past sales.
Geelong Property Negotiation
Once a property has passed our stringent Due Diligence and Price stress testing, and meets your brief, we will negotiate with the agent or bid at auction on your behalf to secure the asset. If competition pushes the price beyond our top price, we withdraw and start the process to source another asset for you.
When it comes to buying property in Geelong, no one does it quite like Performance Property.