Statutory Valuation Objections

Council rates and land tax can be a substantial outgoing for any investment. If you think your annual council valuation or land tax tax assessment is incorrect or simply too high, Performance Property Advisory is one of the most experienced advisory firms in valuation based statutory assessments who can assist with a comprehensive review of your circumstances.

Specialised Investment Classes

We have broad experience in working on all classes of investment and specialised properties including:

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Generally there is a timeframe for which objections are accepted so depending on your jurisdiction, this could range from 30 to 60 days to lodge a formal objection.

Objections are part of the statutory valuation process because they give property valuers the opportunity to assess individual factors that they may not have been aware of so have not been considered as part of the value assessment. Our role includes reviewing statutory assessments and if justified, pursuing objections and appeals with the relevant authorities in each state and territory to deliver clients cost savings.

We can also assist with budgeting and projections of statutory outgoings for existing assets, potential acquisitions, portfolio reviews and new developments.

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We will review your statutory assessments and pursue objections and appeals on your behalf.

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