Capital Gains Tax & Stamp Duty Appraisals

Performance Property Advisory provides valuations for Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax purposes. If you think your valuation is incorrect or simply too high, Performance Property Advisory is one of the most experienced advisory firms in current and retrospective valuation based statutory assessments who can assist with a comprehensive review of your circumstances.

Stamp Duty Valuations

Stamp Duty is charged by State Governments and arises when an asset (i.e. real estate) is transferred from one entity to another (i.e. sale and purchase). The duty payable on a property is generally based on its market value; however in circumstances where the purchase price differs from the market value, the greater of the two figures is used in the calculation. Charges may vary depending on the purpose of the property purchased and concessions applicable. For example depending on whether the property is being purchased by an owner occupier as a first home, purchased by an owner occupier who has owned a home before, or purchased by an investor as an investment. The State Revenue Office requires Stamp Duty valuations to determine the market value of a property which has not been sold on the open market, and where a relationship exists between the two entities and the sale is believed not to have been completed at arm’s length. Our Certified Practising Valuers at Performance Property Advisory are well placed to provide valuations for Stamp Duty purposes.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) may be payable on capital gains made on properties purchased after 20 September 1985. A capital gain is defined as the difference between what the asset cost an entity and what an entity receives upon disposal and CGT may be payable if capital gains exceed losses. In addition to the sale of a property, there are additional events that can trigger the requirement for a payment of CGT and therefore a valuation for CGT purposes. Determination of a property’s market value is crucial in calculating CGT and our Certified Practising Valuers at Performance Property Advisory are well placed to provide current and retrospective valuations for CGT purposes.

Why do I need a Stamp Duty Valuation?

When there is a transfer of ownership of a property, the state revenue office requires a stamp valuation report, which must be conducted by a registered property valuer. The amount of tax you will be required to pay (stamp duty tax) depends in which state the property is located and the valuation amount of the property in question.

Accurate valuations are critical to ensure you don't pay more tax than you need to. We conduct stamp duty valuations for a many different classes of clients including solicitors, conveyancers, company and trust entities, and private individuals.

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We will review your CGT or Stamp Duty assessments and can provide current and retrospective valuations.

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