Property Portfolio Management

Property Portfolio Review

property portfolio review

 It goes without saying that both long term gains and immediate results contribute to the overall success of your investment. Despite this, many investors fail to take the time to reconsider property portfolios and their position.

For many years experienced property investors have trusted our team to assess long term capital growth potential for their existing properties. Performance Property Advisory can also undertake a complete and thorough audit, reviewing your investment property and maximising your portfolio as a whole.

Our Approach

When we review your portfolio we will be analysing with a view to maximise cash flow, minimise risk and promote optimal overall net returns. This does not simply involve examining your property, but reviewing the structure and weighting of your property portfolio in line with your overall financial plan. After all, property is just one cog in your overall investment and financial strategy.

To maximise both capital growth and cash flow, you need to have the best people and products on your side. That’s why we will also evaluate your lending and property management when examining your portfolio.

Process and Outcomes

Your property portfolio management review may involve examining your property’s:

  • Location and architecture
  • Past and projected capital growth
  • Rental income

Our property investment advisors will then recommend strategies for improving your portfolio’s overall performance. This may include:

  • Refurbishment and renovation
  • Subdivision
  • Selling down properties to reinvest in a superior location

Why Do You Need a Portfolio Review?

Many investors acquire property without an overall strategy, instead relying on the quality of their initial purchase to drive success.

The property market is dynamic and shifting, and we have to stop and review all of the variables – both external ones and those in our control. Whether you  lack time or the proper expertise, Performance Property Advisory can assist you.

For complete property portfolio management, contact us today.

Joel Hewish

Chief Financial Strategist / United Global Capital

The thing that impresses me the most about David is his unquestionable work ethic, planning and communication. I’m quite time poor in my profession hence the need for understanding when it comes to succinct advice and recommendations from David. He delivers results time and time again.